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Joint-Stock Company «Zlatoust Peredelniy Combine» is the largest supplier of production for mountain-concentrating combines, cement and an iron and steel industry. The combine provides the most part internal and a foreign market with high-quality production which answers both local, and to the international standards. The collective of the enterprise does not stop on reached(achieved), now there is a development of new kinds of products, both for the cement industry, and for other segments of the market.

Products of Joint-Stock Company «Zlatoust Peredelniy Combine» are distinguished with high quality and the moderate price.

Consumers of production of Joint-Stock Company " ZPC"


  • The cement industry
  • Mountain-concentrating combines
  • Metal works
  • Pulp-and-paper combines
  • Fire-resistant factories
  • Foundries

    Our production

    Circuits hinged

  • Circuits welded
  • Circuits integral cast
  • Details of fastening of circuits
  • Recommended became
  • Manganese moulding
    Heat resisting moulding
    Spheres, cilpeps

    Our coordinates

    Joint-Stock Company «Zlatoust Peredelniy Combine»

    456200 Russia, the Chelyabinsk region, Zlatoust, Lapshin's street, 25

    Ph./fax: +7 (351) 367-53-11
    Ph./fax: +7 (351) 367-70-05
    Ph./fax: +7 (351) 367-89-01
    Ph.: +7 (351) 900-96-91

    E-mail: zpk.zement@mail.ru

    The additional information

  •   звоните:
    +7 (351) 367 7005
    +7 (351) 367 8901
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